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Welcome to Susan Warner Studio. Here you will find galleries of digital artwork called photo mandalas. These images were created by the artist using Photoshop and Painter. Original photographs were used from nature, industrial debris, musical instruments, and other themes. The collection is growing! Click the Galleries button above, or an image button on the left to go to one of the gallery theme pages.

I have also added a new Nature Photo section.

Why Mandalas?

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning magic circle. Circular art is found in many cultures and through the ages, associated with spirituality, healing, and meditation. Mandalas can be used as an instrument for centering and contemplation. Their perfect symmetry is used as a focus to restore inner balance, or to bring meaning and order. Carl Jung saw the mandala as a symbol for the wholeness of the self, and the center as the core “surrounded by a periphery containing everything that belongs to the self- the paired opposites that make up the total personality...”

I find that working with circular forms is very satisfying. The intricacies of mandalas are like the life around us radiating into a beautiful kaleidoscope-like whole. I like to find little pieces of my environment to transform. I especially like to find objects that by themselves would be passed over or discarded, and bring them into a new context. (See my industrial theme mandalas.) With my mandalas, you can focus on texture, shape, and color, and still be able to detect the original subject on closer observation.

How Are Mandalas Made?

There are many different techniques for making mandalas. The images on this site are made by taking a pie slice shape from a photo, and flipping and repeating the slice for a seamless effect. The photos and mandalas are manipulated in Photoshop and Painter to enhance the beautiful forms.


Many of these images are now available as greeting cards and prints. Other art gallery gift items are for sale through T-shirts, mugs, clocks, decorative tiles, calendars, and other gift items display vibrant Susan Warner Studio mandala images. See the Order Page for the great selection and pricing information. Or go right to the Gift Shop Page for gift items. I would love to receive emails with your comments: Email Susan Warner Studio.

Custom Orders

Mandalas can be very personal or reflect interests and themes. They make meaningful gifts. If you have an interesting photo or idea you would like Susan Warner Studio to make into a mandala, see the Custom Order page for more information. Check out the currency mandala examples!


Custom mandalas as well as the mandalas on this site are available for such uses as CD covers, promotion, art books, calendars, advertising, magazines, etc. See the Custom Order page for more information.

I hope you enjoy exploring these pages and come back often!
-Sue Warner



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